Digital Artistry is my newest passion. I am currently taking courses to expand my skills in this area. It is a creative's dream to have such limitless artistic possibilities! Creating fantasy scenes, doing extensive imaginative photo manipulations, as well as creating and applying cutting edge special effects are a few of the things done within the Digital Artistry realm. 

The applications for this line of work run deep - from eye catching one of a kind advertisements, movie covers, book illustrations, character designs, fantasy portraits and much more. The options are without bounds! 

A Book Fantasy - Created from a photograph  and transformed into imaginative serenity
An underwater scene created entirely from scratch, including the design of the bubbles - ready for anything! 
A full on fantasy created with a photograph I took of a girl and her horse modified and merged with stock images,
More Images coming soon! Some fantastic ones currently in production! 

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Futuristic montage created from various stock images and special effects adjustments 
A Space Goddess - Created from a photograph I had previously  taken  with custom special effects and a stock background
Before and after of a beach scene transformed into a surreal image with slow shutter speed effect
Forrest Fantasy - custom created orbs and lighting 
effects over a stock background using a photo I took previously 
Bubble memory collage created with images taken on a special day! 
Square Fruit - Some abstract art with perspective 
Out of bounds edits are a lot of fun!